Larundel: Restoration vs. Demolition Update

Restoration work begins on Larundel's S2 & S3 buildings (16/09/2013)

Recently fencing has gone up around a couple of the Larundel buildings (S2 & S3). A scary sign reading: ‘Demolition in Progress’ followed. Many advocates for saving Larundel based on its historical significance got a little stressed at this (read: our heads started imploding).

Larundel is covered under a Heritage Listing, so we all assumed that the buildings would be restored (or ‘accidentally’ burned to the ground). With men moving in to remove the asbestos from under the eaves and heavy machinery also spotted on sight, many people were fearing Larundel had been approved for demolition – after all, it’s on prime land surrounded by residential estates and as well as a fancy new shopping precinct.

Well, I have been up there this morning, speaking personally to the crew on site and there is good news! (As well as some bad, but I’ll get to that later 😦 ) The two buildings are NOT earmarked for demolition! Instead, they are starting restoration works. According to the men on site, no one is keen to buy or move into the already restored section of Larundel when the only view out of their windows is the decrepit section. I would image the fear of fires and general high jinxs by hoodlums and vagrants also poses a threat. Upon further talks, the main hospital ward will DEFINITELY be restored along with some of the other buildings.

And the bad news? Well, not all of the buildings will survive. Several were pointed out to myself as being destined for the wrecking ball. The burned out admin building being one of them. I am also assuming (from descriptions and general pointing in the vicinity) that the kitchen and geriatric ward are set to be demolished. While the only way to lift a heritage listing on a building is to fight it in court, it is unclear if this is the path the current owners have taken for these buildings.

Therefore, the only way left to ensure these buildings live on is to be respectful and photograph them! So, here are some photos I took earlier today and as well as some taken last week. Make sure to let me know if you take any photos also. Please provide links to the images in the comments below 🙂

(Photo Credits: Rachel Tsoumbakos)


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5 Responses to Larundel: Restoration vs. Demolition Update

  1. Neil Munro says:

    My Job allowed me access to South 4 during building works , I’m now looking forward to much of the same for South 2 & South 3 ……. but authorised entry to the main professioral building (wards A & B) restoration would be friggin awesome !!!!

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  3. a1meehall says:

    Wonderful photos! I can’t believe no one is interested in the newly restored building yet!! It has always been my dream to live in a converted house, whether it be an old church or psychiatric hospital, the buildings are just gorgeous 🙂

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