BOOK REVIEW: Nowhere to Hide by Nina D’Angelo

Nowhere to Hide by Nina D'Angelo

Title: Nowhere to Hide

Author: Nina D’Angelo

Genre: Romantic suspense

Release Date: August 5th 2013


Stephanie Carovella has had a rough year. She came back to Los Angeles to face her past and nearly lost her future to a serial killer.

Now she has a chance to start a new life with a new man.

But is that what she wants? While she battles Jase Devlin, the man who won’t stop until they are together, she gains the attention of another serial killer.

This time it’s the copycat killer; one who will stop at nothing to possess her.

Can she survive the madness of another killer? Will she give in to Jase Devlin’s advances? And will she see the real threat before it’s too late?

Or will Stephanie Carovella discover she has Nowhere To Hide?

*My Book Review*

DISCLAIMER: This book/eBook being reviewed was provided free of charge for an honest review.

This is the second book in the Stephanie Carovella series and you can find out how much I liked the first one by reading my review on Nowhere to Run here.

So, this is the dreaded second book in a series and you know what usually happens: you love the first book SO much and then you find the second one either does not live up to expectations or it just feels like the awkward middle child that is filling up space and time to get you from one great book to the next.

Well, not so the case with Nowhere to Hide by Nina D’Angelo. The author grabs the reader by the hand once more and drags them through Stephanie’s life and does not let go until they are panting for breath and the book is over.

Once more the main character, Stephanie Carovella, finds herself being stalked by a serial killer, actually, scrap that – this time she’s being stalked by TWO serial killers! You see Stephanie is the sort of woman that commands attention – you either love her or want her dead. There is no grey to her at all.

This is not to say she’s a two dimensional character – oh no sir-ee! The Stephanie character is thick with back story as well as inner turmoil. I’m not sure which aspect I loved more – the crime/thriller part of the plot or the romantic development between the characters.

Yep. This is also considered a romance – and you know how much I am just NOT into romance novels. Honestly, if I knew this series was being marketed as a thriller/romance, I possibly would have turned away from them, untouched. But, instead, I thought I was getting straight action. The romance was just an enriching element that was woven so delicately through the story you don’t even realise the author has hooked you into a genre you are not fond of. *high five Nina*

I could probably wax on for pages about how fond I am of this book, but I won’t bore you with my love affair with the Stephanie Carovella gang. Instead I will rate it as 5 out of 5 stars and direct you straight to the Purchase links.

I implore you not to miss out on this gem!

Oh, and if you haven’t read the first novel in the series, make sure you head on over to Amazon on the 18th of August and pick up Nowhere to Run for only 99 cents! Clicking on the image below will take you straight to the books purchase page on Amazon.

Nowhere to Run by Nina D'Angelo - 99 cent sale



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Nina D’Angelo is currently running a Rafflecopter giveaway. So if you want to go into the draw to win copies of her books and a $10 Amazon Gift Card, then click on the Rafflecopter image below:

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About the Author

Author Nina D'AngeloNina D’Angelo is a freelance writer and photographer. After graduating from Deakin University in 2005, with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism and Public Relations, Nina briefly worked in P.R. Not satisfied with her profession, she returned to freelance writing. Since graduation from University, she has written her own TV series, produced a music show for three seasons, worked for several music magazines and her photography was published in Aqua Pulse.

Her first novel, Nowhere to Run was released February 2013. It is the first in the Stephanie Carovella series and currently available through Amazon. It will soon be available through itunes and Barnes and Noble.

Nina’s second novel, Nowhere to Hide, is due for release in August 2013. It is the second in the Stephanie Carovella series. Nina has already started working on her third and fourth novels. Her third novel, not yet titled is due out in December 2013 and the fourth novel, Deadly Secrets – the third in the Stephanie Carovella series is due out December 2013/January 2014.

To find out more about Nina D’Angelo, please see below:

Official Website
Twitter: @janinedangelo
Nowhere to Run at Goodreads
Nowhere to Hide at Goodreads



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