First American Horror Story: Coven Teaser Shows Off Season 3’s Airy, Scary Ladies

Oh yes it’s time for an American Horror Story: Coven teaser!


Faceless entities floating in the ether, a haunting song filling the soundtrack, an unsettling sense that something is very wrong here

Ah yes, it’s almost American Horror Story time again.

The first teaser for the FX drama’s third season, which is subtitled Coven and which bows in October, gives viewers a passing glimpse of a roomful of levitating lovelies while a preternatural cover of The House of the Rising Sun plays in the background.

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Given that the clip is called “Detention,” and that we know the upcoming season follows a group of witchy women, might we be witnessing some Hecubas-in-training during a supernatural time-out? Or is something more sinister going on? (After all, one female is chillin’ in the chimney.) Press PLAY on the video below, and you be the judge!

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