UPDATE: Fire at #Larundel

Larundel (Photo taken November 2011)

So far I haven’t had a chance to visit Larundel personally to see which building is affected or how extensively it is damaged, so I am currently working with hearsay.

In saying that, the people I have spoken to are very passionate about Larundel and about keeping the buildings standing and in good condition.

So what’s the news?

  • It allegedly took 40 minutes for the fire to be contained and put out. I am unsure if this time length is because the fire was huge or because there was a delay in fire engines arriving. Considering the fact that the fire station is virtually across the road from Larundel, you can make what you will of the above statement, since I the MFB are yet to return my emails.
  • The person/s seen at the scene were apparently NOT arrested, since the police were not allegedly present at the incident.

And that’s all I have for you at the moment. If any of you have photos of the damage or any extra information, please let me know. (And in the case of extra information, please let the police know also.)


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2 Responses to UPDATE: Fire at #Larundel

  1. Is everyone safe? Hope it all gets sorted soon!

    • mrszoomby says:

      Everyone is safe, although it would have been pretty scary for the surrounding residents I would imagine. It is the building structure itself that has suffered the most damage 😦

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