BREAKING NEWS: Fire at #Larundel

Larundel (Photo taken November 2011)

Fans of The Ring of Lost Souls will be devastated to hear that there was a fire reported at Larundel last night.

News is sketchy at best with the only reports being made on several Larundel Facebook pages. So far no news reports have been added to Twitter about this incident.

However, according to the sources, it is indicated that two fire engines were present at the scene. MFB are yet to confirm or deny this. According to the Original Larundel Facebook page, the person (or persons) responsible were charged on the spot by police. It is also unsure which building at Larundel was on fire.

UrbanEx fans and paranormal investigators have been calling for Larundel to be restored to its former glory for years. Now the buildings remaining which includes the heritage-listed main hospital building are presently in a run-down state. Vandalism has been extreme and many small fires have occurred over the years, including one that destroyed most of the heritage-listed administration building.

Speculation have been rife between many groups claiming that there was always a fear Larundel would ‘accidentally’ come to a fiery end since the site was purchased by a building company. While several of the remaining building of Larundel have been restored, there appears to be no reports of restoration plans for these by the owners.

Recently a ‘Save Larundel’ campaign was established in the hope that the general public could contribute and help save the remaining buildings of Larundel from decay.

Any eyewitnesses to the fire are requested to notify the police on 000 if they saw any suspicious behaviour before the outbreak of this alleged fire.

Source: Larundel Facebook page

(Photo Credit: Rachel Tsoumbakos)


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3 Responses to BREAKING NEWS: Fire at #Larundel

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  2. Kate says:

    Why would someone set fire to this place?
    I noticed the “Giant building” was lit up first and then the building with the stage was set alight and most recently a 16 year old setting it on fire don’t people have anything better to do?

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