BOOK REVIEW: Living Dead by Glenn Bullion

Dead Living by Glenn Bullion

Dead Living by Glenn Bullion
Publication date: January 7th 2013
by Permuted Press
Genre: Horror/Zombies


It didn’t take long for the world to die. And it didn’t take long, either, for the dead to rise.

Born on the day everything ended, a world filled with the walking dead is the only one that Aaron knows. Kept in seclusion, his family teaches  him the basics. How to read and write. How to survive.

Then Aaron makes a shocking discovery. The undead, who desire nothing but flesh, ignore him. It’s as if he’s invisible to them.

The survivors of the old suburb of Lexington call a high school their home. They live day to day, without any of the luxuries mankind used to enjoy. Samantha is a product of the new world. Alone, cold, looking out only for herself. She and the other residents of Lexington feel their hope dwindling. They need change. They need someone who can face the corpses. They need someone who can live in a city of the dead.

They need Aaron.

*My Book Review*

DISCLAIMER: This book/eBook being reviewed was provided free of charge for an honest review.

Okay, at first, I started this book and thought I just may find a zombie book I wasn’t too keen on. The very first section didn’t grab my attention, even though the content was thrilling, I’m not entirely sure why this happened, only that it did.


Once the author left behind the current apocalypse and moved into the post-apocalyptic part of the story, things got a whole lot more AWESOME!

These zombies turn fast – and so does the pace of the book. Instantly you are drawn deep into the story and find yourself getting lost in the ride.  Bullion is fantastic at the little details that sometimes get missed in zombie tales. The smell of the undead – even from a distance. The way maggots feast on them. The brutality of life in the zombie apocalypse. It’s brutal, disturbing, grotesque, fantastic!

The idea, also, of a character that is virtually rendered invisible to zombies is a pretty cool idea! They way he deals with both this as well as keeping his secret from the other humans around him kept me turning page after page.

I must admit, a lot of the current zombie books I have been reading lately have been geared towards the YA end of the market, so the sheer magnitude of macabre descriptions and events in this book left me breathless and gagging – and I LOVED it!

There were a few little inconsistencies within Dead Living. I’m pretty sure a lot of those easy to obtain items (such as fuel) would be close to non-existent or past their use-by-date considering the vast amount of time that had passed, but you know what? I didn’t really care. The subtle romance budding between characters that was slowly blooming in the background was overtaking all my other senses.

While this book isn’t ideally a romance by any stretch of the imagination, there was certainly romantic undertones. The author deftly wove these into the story without causing any eye-rolling or comparisons to romance-driven dystopia/apocalyptic novels. I not sure how Bullion managed to achieve this, but I’m so glad that he did.

Even with the advent of romance, don’t expect every thing to come up smelling like roses in Dead Living though! Bullion takes no prisoners and there were moments at the beginning of this book (and then again towards the end when the slave group are introduced) where I was left gasping and yelling at the pages, devastated with the events unfolding.

But that’s what happens in this book. The characters are real and bad things happen to them. It is a thoroughly fantastic, rewarding, gruesome ride – enjoy it folks, I certainly did!

Overall, I am giving Dead Living by Glenn Bullion 4 out of 5 stars.



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About the Author:

I live in Maryland with my wonderful wife and four cats. I love gaming, computer technology, movies, and of course, reading and writing. I love science fiction and especially horror and the paranormal. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies, anything supernatural, all beautiful subjects.

I’ve been writing since I was twelve years old. There’s just something about creating a story that I like. I always try come up with something that hasn’t been done, or is unique in some way. It could be someone with demonic powers, or something much more simple, such as a person that zombies ignore. It’s fun to create a character, give him or her a personality and background, and watch them evolve through a story.

I’ve tried other subjects, but always drift back to horror and paranormal. There’s a reason why we keep going back to horror movies and books, why they’ve made fifty Friday the 13th movies. People like to be scared, but more than that, I think paranormal and horror stir the imagination like nothing else. We’re all just a little nervous to open that closet door at midnight, or look under the bed.




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When I'm not writing or crocheting, I'm training for the zombie apocalypse.
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3 Responses to BOOK REVIEW: Living Dead by Glenn Bullion

  1. Giselle says:

    Ewww @ the maggots! haha. That’s not something I thought about before but I do love how he gets so detailed it adds a layer of realism to it which is what I look for in zombie books. Glad you enjoyed it, Rachel! Great review! 🙂

    • mrszoomby says:

      The maggots were awesome! I’d forgotten how great horror-based zombie apocalypse novels were 😀 So glad I had the opportunity to read this one.

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