TRUE BLOOD WEEK: What’s on Your Premiere Party Menu?

HBO's True Blood: Season 6 Blood Will Spill

So there are only a few days dragging by until June 16th and the Season 6 premiere of HBO’s True Blood. While #WaitingSucks, it also gives you the opportunity to get your premiere party sorted ahead of time.

While I normally reserve gran’s pecan pie recipe for the finale, so I can cry along like Sookie (Anna Paquin) did in Season 1, there are plenty of other ideas to whet every truebie’s appetite!

For starters there are a couple of great recipe books out dedicated entirely to True Blood-inspired cuisine:

True Blood CookbookTrue Blood Drinks & Bites is the newest recipe book on the market, but there is also True Blood: Eats, Drinks, and Bites from Bon Temps. also offers a sumptuous spread that will moisten your creative juices. Heck, even Charlaine Harris offers a recipe for the infamous Chocolate Cake that Caroline Bellefleur makes for special occasions in the Southern Vampire Mysteries books that inspired HBO’s True Blood. You can find that recipe (along with several more) in Harris’ The Sookie Stackhouse Companion.

While all these recipes are awesome, there are still plenty of creative ideas left to inspire your True Blood premiere party.

  • Hello my name is TalbotWhy not use Talbot (Theo Alexander) as inspiration and make jelly or fruit punch in a crystal candy jar? If you have any gummi body part treats or chocolate eyeballs left over from Halloween, even better.
  • Speaking of Talbot – remember when he served blood as soup? Tomato soup would be great, but, as an alternative, why not try chilled beetroot soup?
  • Layfayette (Nelsan Ellis) is known for his special burger recipe at Merlotte’s. While burgers are unwieldy at a party, why not make Lafayette meat balls? Dunking little wooden toothpicks in red food colouring (bloody stakes) completes the ensemble.
  • Hot dogs dipped in plenty of tomato sauce (using more bloody stakes of course) – say hello to Billith!
  • Of course, thanks to the emergence of all the fairies in Bon Temps in Season 5, why not serve the kindergarten classic: fairy bread?
  • When thinking of True Blood inspired food, it’s a MUST to serve red velvet cupcakes. (Well that’s my excuse anyway!) But why not #ShowYourFangs and add some lolly teeth to the top? Or, alternatively, try some bloody splatters of red food colouring thickened with corn syrup.
  • Did you know that you can purchase food grade plastic syringes (without the needle top, of course)? These can be filled with Tru Blood jello shots and left in a bowl (or you can re-use Talbot if every one has finished with the fruit punch).
  • Did the jello shots make you thirsty? Well, the classic Tequila Sunrise goes perfectly with Arlene’s (Carrie Preston) hair.
  • STILL thirsty? My fave Tru Blood cocktail involves Tru blood, vodka, triple sec and lemon juice. At Club Fangtasia, they call that a Plasmapolitan!

Have you got any other suggestions? Let me know by commenting below!

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(Photo Credits: Rachel Tsoumbakos/HBO Inc.)

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1 Response to TRUE BLOOD WEEK: What’s on Your Premiere Party Menu?

  1. Jason Phillips says:

    Opening Scene
    A grand palace, with stone carvings, paintings of blood baths. As the shot pans around we see muscular TONED half naked men of all races, lots of blonds…
    The shot focuses on a throne, more of a chez lounge. A large man, me, lounges on the chez. A crown of olive leafs adorn his head. The glutton is dressed as a Roman from YEARS past, think TOGA TOGA!
    The camera follows the mid section of the palace. Finally coming full frame with his face. Gluttoness, and full. Blood dripping from his engorged lips. His tongue caresses his fangs and a bit of meat falls off only to be licked up and digested.
    Enters a VERY well built Page. *think Alcede but blond.* He wispers something into the “Roman’s” ear…
    The news sends him into a RAGE like noting seen before He drinks from ALL of the men in the temple. Then lets out this sound that is more primal than anything ever heard.
    The news is of Bill Compton, what he has done. This does not set well with this portly Vampire as he is the oldest of all vampires on Earth. His reign goes back to nearly the time of Lillyth herself. He has engorged himself on all pleasures, human and vampire alike. He knows this can not end well for him.
    He calls for his elite force. Advises them to seek out Bill Compton and learn what threat he poses.

    Interior Scene

    Lights, music, all things imaginable. It is truly a paradise. We see the Roman in his traditional toga garb but this time it is adorned with breast plates, armored wrists, legs and basically in full battle mode. He comes to an open field and speaks an enchantment and the fairy club entrance opens for him.
    This particular vampire is no stranger to the fae. It will later be reviled that he has had a truce and has actually be protecting the fae for thousands of years. (His mother was fae and father was vampire.)
    He comes to warn the fae of the threat that is Bill Compton. This gives the fairies cause to step up their reproductive time table. Their offspring grows into adulthood in a matter of a week or less.
    Having spoken with the new head-fairy Sookie, he employs her to undergone an ancient fae ritual of rebirth. The ritual calls for all fairies to come together and impart part of their own magic to Sookie so she will become full Fae and not run out of power. This not only gives her the power to face Warlo but also gives her the chance to make Jason part of the fae as well. Once her new powers are given she goes to Jason and imparts the fairy magic to Jason fulfilling a yet unknown Fae legend. That will come to fruition in season 7.

    This is a work of fiction based on the current characters of True Blood. All rights to HBO for all original characters. All additional character, plot points, original ideas and not limited to but including the parallel universe is from this time and until 2200 AD my own thoughts. Not to be infringed upon for anything less than me be added as a full time cast member to last for the duration of the series, both on HBO and all other media.
    Jason Phillips

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