BOOK TRAILER: Yum – A Horror Story by Nicole Antonia Carro

Yum - A Horror Story by Nicole Antonia Carro

A year or so ago, I got the opportunity to proof read Sons of Roland by the awesome Nicole Antonia Carro. This was my first ever foray into the music genre – and what a tasty treat it was. So much so that I devoured the following two books in her series! Carro’s characters are riotously humourous and her stories flow along at such a pace, taking you here there and everywhere but at the same time advancing the story us such a way that you beg for more.

So when I came across her book trailer video for her latest book, Yum, I just HAD to share it with you because it’s fantastic (and hilarious as well).


Animals have long since evolved to speech, attained multi-species equality and learned to work alongside humans. They are protected from slaughter throughout the world in all but a handful of countries and people of all species live together in harmony.

Until the feedings begin.

As a young man, Doctor James Lewis championed for animal rights and transformed the nation. Six decades later his friends and neighbors are eating each other. Can Jim and his great-granddaughter Emily stop the carnage before they become tasty snacks?

Purchase for only 99 cents!

Amazon (Kindle)

Amazon (Paperback)

About the Author:

Author Nicole Antonia CarroNicole A. Carro is a locally-established playwright and an author. She lives with her two dogs in the Central Florida area. Please visit to learn more about her work.

Source: YouTube – Yum – A Horror Story by Nicole Antonia Carro


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