Issue 9 of Horror Magazine Sanitarium is out now: Zombie Apocalypse Part 9!

Sanitarium magazine - Issue 9 cover

With only two parts left in Zombie Apocalypse Now, you’d better grab your copy now in preparation of the end times!

Within Issue 9 there is TEN contributors for you this month and the stories are as diverse as always. You can also spend a moment with John F.D Taff talking horror, writing and influences and see “Where the Horror Happens” with Rick Hudson. There is also have a new selection of Dark Verse and as always, there is the “Group Therapy” sessions and news for you to enjoy.

Fighting to Forget by Joe Robertson,
Vociferous by Anthony Carmarillo,
Our Little Miracle by Luke Tarzian,
Spot by Zachary Vaudo,
Safe Harbour by Julia Kavan,
The Internal Abduction by Eric Hofstatter,
The Doctor Is Waiting by Nicolette Heaton-Harris,
The Caller by Harold Kempka,
The Heart Of Hell by Paul Magnan,
Zombie Apocalypse Now! By Rachel Tsoumbakos

The four Dark Verse contributors:

Still Water by Dylan Jones
What Do You Want For Lunch? by Marie Vibbert
Hungry by Caitlin Higgns
Suffering by Casey Chaplin

The issue will be on newsstand shortly. Issue 009 will also be appearing on Kindle and Paperback by mid-week.

But for now you can purchase Issue 009 from the following location:



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When I'm not writing or crocheting, I'm training for the zombie apocalypse.
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