MHAFH Hunger Games Event: Challenge #1

MHAFH Hunger Games Event Banner

And so the first challenge arrived today in the My Home Away From Home Hunger Games Event. This one was meant to be any easy one. Just decide which way you want to run – towards or away from the Cornucopia and pick the who said what quotes.

For some people, this was not such an easy task. I managed a quick interview with Izzidell after her first day in the Hunger Games Arena and here is what she had to say:

Some people died.

Luckily, I survived.

Now I’m hunkered down in a dark, quiet spot: waiting.

I probably should have risked running towards the Cornucopia, but I know my strength lies in remaining hidden. I just wish it wasn’t so cold out tonight….

If you want to help Izzi to survive the second MHAFH Hunger Games challenge, then make sure you join in on Saturday between 4-7pm EST (This makes it Sunday morning for those of us in Australia). Like the My Home Away from Home Facebook page and help rally support for Izzi. For each person who supports Izzi on the day, she will gain points. These points are vital for her survival – they mean tribute rewards!

The best way to get rewards to Izzi, is to use the Rafflecopter link and (most importantly) scroll down to District 11. Each time you participate in one of the Rafflecopter items (ie. Follow @MHAFH on Twitter), Izzi gains a point (or 5). Yes, that’s right, you can help to decide Izzi’s fate!

So make sure you bookmark this event and keep Izzidell Gardinrayke from District 11 alive!

district11 Izzidell Gardinrayke


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