My Home Away from Home is The Hunger Games Reaping…

My Home Away from Home is The Hunger Games Reaping

So this year I’m not just content to write about the genre of dystopia, or read all about it, but now I’m actually gonna LIVE it! The awesome crew at My Home Away From Home have set the completely scary task of asking people to volunteer for The Hunger Games reaping. Being the hands on sort of gal that I am, I volunteered, or my alter ego, Izzidell Gardinrayke (from District 11), did after coming across this on the My Home Away From Home website:

What exactly is it, you ask?

Our Hunger Games event was created for complete fun. It’s a reenactment of The Hunger Games, just with a touch of MHAFH and the occasional blue monarch. We’re taking names and throwing you all into one giant Reaping where only 26 tributes (that’s right, only 26!) are chosen. Possible tributes may also choose their district! For those on social medias such as Facebook or Twitter, you will be given a picture to sport your district and rally your supporters! You’re paired up and every week you must face a new challenge that will either get you killed in the long run and eliminated from the game … or you may just rise as victor. One victor, people, and the winner takes home a basket-worth of THG swag!!

So now I have to wait and eagerly watch the MHAFH facebook page for news on whether I have been selected to participate in their version of The Hunger Games!


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When I'm not writing or crocheting, I'm training for the zombie apocalypse.
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