Myrddin’s Christmas O’Clock Raises Money for Charity

Christmas O'Clock Anthology - Myrddin Publishing Group

So, last year I got the chance to format a fantastic Christmas anthology for Myrddin Publishing Group. It was called Christmas O’Clock and it was filled to overflowing with some pretty darn amazing Christmas tales for kids.

Not only was the book a great read, but all proceeds raised went to the charity, Water For Life. This organization works to create potable drinking water for families and children in the third world.

I am excited to announce that Christmas O’Clock raised $60 for Water For Life! This is an improvement on the previous year’s total and hopefully next year will raise even more!

Now, I know it’s a little early, but if you want to help out with this great cause, Myrddin Publishing Group are accepting submissions for next year’s Christmas anthology. So why not try your hand at a Christmas story for kids AND charity?

All the submission details can be found here.


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