Casting Call for Aussie Walking Dead Fans: Norman Reedus Want YOU!

Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) star of AMC's The Walking Dead, wants YOU!

Okay, now we are all as excited as a zombie with a mouthful of fresh brains about Norman Reedus coming to Australia next week, but how would you like to star along side the Walking Dead star?

Thanks to the Tumblr account of FuckYeahNormanReedus for alerting me to the FX Australia Facebook account and the following statement:

“Casting Call for extras to feature along side Norman Reedus! Got any plans for the Australia Day public holiday Monday January 28? We are looking for some fans of The Walking Dead to join us as extras on a promo shoot with Norman Reedus aka Daryl Dixon! If you’re keen to get involved send us an email at before 5.00pm this Wednesday with a head shot of yourself and we’ll be in touch with details if you have been selected! We need people of all shapes and sizes so get those photos in fast!”

After many excited fans asked where and when, FX later added the following statement:

“No age limit we have several roles to fill so you’re welcome to submit photos. Only caveat is they must be in or within traveling distance to Sydney CBD.”

This effectively puts me out of applying 😦 Unless someone will let me bum a ride to Sydney with them 😉

Sources: FuckYeahNormanReedus – Tumblr Account

FX Australia – Facebook Page


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7 Responses to Casting Call for Aussie Walking Dead Fans: Norman Reedus Want YOU!

  1. Miss Y says:

    I’m so kicking myself that I didn’t see this sooner myself. Double damn!

  2. Aarghh!! *bangs head on keyboard* I was just thinking today how cool it would be if Aussies were able to do extra work for Walking Dead and now I read this?! Aargh!! *Bangs head harder*

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