Issue 5 of Horror Magazine Sanitarium is out now: Zombie Apocalypse Part 5!

Horror Magazine Sanitarium Issue 5: Zombie Apocalypse Now! Part 5

Issue 5 of the fantastic horror magazine, Sanitarium, has now hit the shelves! Make sure you pick it up today and catch up on the next instalment of Zombie Apocalypse Now! In this month’s edition, Tatiana goes out to find cigarettes and meets up with someone – or something – she wasn’t expecting.

Also, along with eight other horror stories, why not spend a moment with author Syd Moore? She not only talks about her writing, but the motivation behind it. You can also see “Where the horror happens” with James Everington. Plus there is the usual mailbag, Group Therapy and the bestsellers for the UK and US markets.

This month’s horror stories and contributors to Sanitarium are:

Objects by Rob White
Time Zones by Nathanial Brehmer
Witch Locks By JB Sanders
Sick Day By Emily Wood
Ghosts Don’t Like The Dark By Lisamarie Lamb
The Quantum Dead by Larry Hinkle
The Bridges By Julia Benally
Dream Journal by Faith Marlow
Zombie Apocalypse Now! By Rachel Tsoumbakos

You can purchase Issue 5 of Sanitarium from the following locations in both eMag and paperback editions:

Sanitarium MagCloud

Amazon UK


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When I'm not writing or crocheting, I'm training for the zombie apocalypse.
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