AMC’s The Walking Dead Returns to Australian Shores – Express From the U.S.

AMC's The Walking Dead returns to Australian shores in February - Express from the U.S.

The ‘it’s all fun and games till the Governor loses an eye’ humour has been coming thick and fast in the furious countdown until February 2nd 2013 when AMC’s The Walking Dead returns to our screens.

The anticipation is killing us quicker than the zombies.

Recently I came across this information on the FX Australia Facebook page:

The countdown is on for the return of The Walking Dead to FX. The final 8 episodes in Season 3 will be arriving Express from the U.S. from Tuesday February 12 and we finally get to watch all of the drama unfold between Rick & the Governor. Click like if your counting down the days!

Stay tuned to the FX wall over the coming weeks as we reveal some sneak peeks at what’s ahead and there’s some awesome TWD prizes up for grabs as well.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @fxtvau and use the #TWDAU as well, for live chats during the episodes.

So if you’re in Australia make sure you tune in on Tuesday February 12th for one of the greatest shows currently on television!

Source: FX Australia – Facebook page

(Photo Credit: FX Australia)


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