Dystopia Reading Challenge. Book 2: The Running Man by Stephen King/Richard Bachman

The Running Man by Stephen King/Richard Bachman. Rachel Tsoumbakos - Dystopia Reading Challenge 2013

In the last week since reviewing The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins I have managed to zip through The Running Man by Stephen King/Richard Bachman as well as two other dystopia books from my list – can you tell I LOVE this genre?

The Running Man by Stephen King/Richard Bachman: My Review

My very first thoughts when reading this novel was that Suzanne Collins must have also read it. I found myself constantly comparing The Running Man and The Hunger Games. While King’s book is very much geared towards an older audience, there were still the general premise of reality television gone mad that is prevalent in Collins’ book also.

This novel gives the reader deliciously slow dribs and drabs of the dystopian world it is set in even if we are never really completely aware of the whole back story. The world that the main character lives in is bleak and he must decide to give his own life in the reality games shows designed to entertain the masses on Free-Vee in order to provide enough money for life saving medicine for his sick daughter.

I couldn’t help but compare the use of Free-Vee as a way to appease and control the general population with the internet usage of today. Also, anyone else remember their parents telling them that television will rot their brains? Yup, this novel is just as relevant today as it was back when it was written.

King does a wonderful job of bringing the reader towards a climax that proves the must needed catalyst for revolution amongst the people. The reader comes to understand the fine line that authority holds when it controls its followers by fear. It only takes one small chink in it’s armour to make everyone question what they are saying is the truth.

As usual, King uses lush descriptives that at times make the reader squirm uncomfortably because of their brutal honesty. My favourite in this book would have to be:

Spectators had begun to creep back in spite of Armageddon’s shadow. Their eyes were wide and wet and sexual.

Such a terrific way to describe the horrible (and curious) notion of having to look at a car wreck even when you don’t want to see the accident.

There are rarely happy endings with Stephen King. This novel is no exception and I was completely relieved there was no classic Hollywood ending for this book.

Overall, I completely enjoyed this book. It had all the hall marks of great dystopia as well as the adult perspective that I find lacking in today’s newer novels in this genre.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars from me!

The next book on my reading list is: Hollowland by indie author turned author mega star, Amanda Hocking

Hollowland (The Hollows, #1) by Amanda Hocking


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  1. Allison says:

    That might be one Stephen King book I could read

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