Australia FINALLY Gets to See American Horror Story: Asylum

American Horror Story: Asylum vs. Australian Horror Story: Larundel

So I’ve been blogging a lot about FX’s American Horror Story: Asylum recently. For Aussie fans of the show, you finally get your chance to watch it on Free-To-Air TV.

Channel Eleven will be begin broadcasting this season from January 21st (yeah, I know that’s not what it says in the image above). The show starts at 9.30pm, but make sure you’re around a little earlier because the series return of Supernatural also starts at 8.30pm on January 21st.

American Horror Story is set this season in an asylum called Briarcliff. Anyone who has watched Ghost Hunters might compare this institution with Waverley Hills. The Australian audience may compare it with Larundel or Mont Park.

Be aware, new fans, that while AHS is returning to channel Eleven, the channel didn’t play the complete first season, so you may still have to wait for the DVD to see American Horror Story: Asylum in it’s entirety.

If you want to know what I think of this series, you can scroll through this blog to read my recaps on each episode, starting with episode 1, Welcome to Briarcliff. Please be aware that I started the season recap off with the first two episodes of AHS, so be aware there are Spoiler Alerts within that entry. Each recap after that is for singular episodes though.

(Photo Credit: FX)

Source: – Returning: Supernatural, American Horror Story


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  1. Kevin Norte says:

    American Horror Story: Asylum The Name Game Judy’s Nuthouse Continuum Remix

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