Spoil Yourself This Christmas with a Sneak Peek of Ma Chere Antoinne by Delia Remington

Is all you Christmas baking done? Are the presents wrapped and under the tree? Sitting there with a cup of egg nog and nothing to read? Then why not have a sneak peek at Delia Remington’s latest vampire novel, Ma Chere Antoinne: Part One of the Vampire Legacy Series?

Ma Chere Antonne: Part One of the Vampire Legacy Series (Sneak Peek Edition) by Delia Remington

This special sneak peek version includes the first few chapters of Delia’s novel for only 99 cents! What a bargain, as well as a fantastic way to try out a new book before you buy the full copy when it’s released next year!

The blurb and all the details are below:

Hidden away in the gated community of the Central West End in St. Louis, a vampire, Claire Marie, and her progeny, Raul, have made their home. They have worked very hard to escape notice, maintaining the outward appearance of a normal human life. However, when pieces of her past come up on the auction block, Claire Marie is filled with nostalgic longing, wanting to collect those items for herself. This urge will set off a chain of events that could bring an end to their comfortable way of life forever. Old enemies are patiently watching, and it could mean the end for them both.

You can purchase this very special pre-release from 23rd – 27th of December via Amazon.com

Also, make sure you check out Delia Remington’s website here and like her Facebook page so you know when the full version of Ma Chere Antoinne: Part One of the Vampire Legacy Series is available.

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