American Horror Story: Asylum vs. Australian Horror Story: Larundel

So, who watched the premiere episode of American Horror Story: Asylum? Besides the fact that there appears to be an even level of sex and gore in this show, I am finding other things interesting too. Having only watched the first ten minutes so far, I already am making comparisons between the institution that inspired my novel, The Ring of Lost Souls, called Larundel and the one in the show called Briarcliff.
American Horror Story Asylum: Briarcliff
So lets have a look at the similarities so far:
  • Both were built at the start of twentieth century. Briarcliff in 1908 and Larundel in 1938 (but the larger facility it belonged to, Mont Park, was founded in 1912. However the oldest buildings which were built around 1911, now officially belong to the Larundel section)
  • Briarcliff was originally a tuberculosis centre. While Larundel never housed tuberculosis sufferers, the buildings that did, were situated in the very next suburb
  • Larundel housed the criminally insane. People like serial killer Peter Dupas spent time there. These ‘locked wards’ have now been demolished, but there are plenty of stories on the Internet that claim the houses built over that area are now haunted.  Briarcliff converted to a centre for the criminally insane in the 1960s
  • Even the name forms a coincidence. While Larundel is in the suburb of Bundoora, a mere three suburbs away is one called Briar Hill
  • Bloody Face the serial killer. As I said in an earlier point, Larundel housed serial killers. While Dupas was not known by any fancy serial killer tag, he was known to mutilate his female victims in a bloody fashion
  • Dr. Arthur Arden performs torture on his patients in an attempt to discover the meaning of madness. While there have been no actual reports of behaviour like this at Larundel, there have been plenty of unsubstantiated rumours
  • Graffiti – both places have tons of it! Not to mention the mess! People just don’t seem kind to old asylums :-/
Australian Horror Story Asylum: Larundel

All this and so far I have only watched a small portion of American Horror Story: Asylum!

Let me know if I have missed any.

You can check out my novel for even more comparisons between the two asylums by clicking here or by clicking on the book cover below:

The Ring of Lost Souls by Rachel Tsoumbakos


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15 Responses to American Horror Story: Asylum vs. Australian Horror Story: Larundel

  1. I'm waiting for an appropriately dark, rainy moment to watch my TIVO'd American Horror Story! As for Ring of Lost Souls, I already read that and LOVED it. Great book.

  2. MG WELLS says:

    WOW! The parallels are awesome. I missed the premiere of AHS. If it's as good as season one, I'll be watching. Best wishes to you.

  3. Allie, luckily for me we have thunderstorms all day today! I have promised my hubby that I will wait until he gets home to watch the rest ;-P

  4. MG, I missed the first season, but I just couldn't resist this one when the word 'asylum' was mentioned 😉 now I will CERTAINLY be watching last season!

  5. Wow, the parallels are uncanny! They've just started advertising AHS over here and I also missed the first series. I'll have to check it out!!

  6. I watched the rest of the show and there are certainly a few more similarities 😀

  7. Kelly says:

    Been watching it up to episode 4 I think. Larundel is running ghost tours and yes I want in on it LOL maybe one day when I get out of Sydney, and come down south again, I will do this. There is a sleep over here at manly quarantine and of course I would be insane enough to actually want to do this. Only ever happens at halloween though which sort of bites as I have so many things going on. Asylums always fascinate me. I always think what is the youngest patient they would have had. I have a friend who is planning to become a dr he was telling us stories about what so called dr back in the day did with the criminally insane.

  8. mrszoomby says:

    Unfortunately Larundel are not running ‘official’ ghost tours, but there are people out there who will show you around the place ;-P I, also, would LOVE to do the Manly Quarantine sleep over! That place looks creepy-AWESOME 😀

    As for the stories about what happened to patients in these places, it’s horrific that it happened, but some people genuinely thought they were helping (which is even MORE horrifying!)

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  11. Ian Cronin says:

    Dear Rachel,

    I have worked at the now closed J Ward, Ararat and doing some research and writing on it. Woud you be aware of this infamous place and any coments on ot and what has come to replace it etc etc


    • mrszoomby says:


      I haven’t had the chance to visit J ward yet, but it is certainly on my ‘Places to Visit’ list 🙂 I would LOVE to see what you discover with your research on the place!


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