Larundel: Inspiration for my latest novel, The Ring of Lost Souls

After the success of my first novel, Emeline and the Mutants, I decided to try something a little different. A little more folkloric and ghostly, in fact. The idea for my latest manuscript, The Ring of Lost Souls, has come from a real place: Larundel.

Larundel is one small section of the larger mental institution called ‘Mont Park.’ It now lays abandoned on the outskirts of Melbourne, but once it was a leading facility. Lithium was discovered and developed at Larundel by Dr. John Cade. The institution was considered progressive for its time. It even provided its own food and these buildings (being the oldest ones)are still standing, now forming part of the Latrobe University cluster of buildings.

But along with all the scientific developments and advancements in the care of the mentally ill, there are the expected urban legends. These are what I have used to blend my story with a real place.

While I am still editing ‘The Ring of Lost Souls,’ why not take a look at the latest YouTube video from one of my fave Larundel explorers ‘capitainnuzza.’ His commentary and music choices always make me smile 😀


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4 Responses to Larundel: Inspiration for my latest novel, The Ring of Lost Souls

  1. Wow! Very cool! Can't wait to read the new book!

  2. Thanks Connie – it's nearly ready for beat readers, so I just may hold you to that ;-P

  3. Awesome Rachel! Looking forward to the next book!!

  4. Thanks Johanna – it's been so much fun writing and researching this book 😉

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