The Walking Dead Storylines – Conspiracy Theories or Plot Bunnies?

**UPDATED: 3rd April 2013***

Okay, so with last week’s episode and the notion a lot of Walking Dead fans hold that Carol (Melissa McBride) isn’t dead, I got to thinking (thanks Tracy Gollins!) about all the theories and ideas I have had or heard about the show.

Let’s make this fun by posting some of the more interesting theories out there for Season 3 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. As time passes, and theories get added, changed, proved or disproved, I’ll edit and repost the list. Anyone who has an interesting idea, or who has read the comic series and would like to prove or disprove theories, let me know in the comments below and I will alter concepts at will.

Random Stuff

  • Everything going on in The Walking Dead is just a coma dream of Rick’s
  • Rick died after being abandoned in the hospital and reanimated. However, he is immune to the zombie virus and is now possibly the cure (Source: pnut3844 –
  • Michonne’s armless, jawless walkers were once people close to her (Source: √
  • Rick get captured by the Woodbury gang and Merle will cut off his hand (Source:– Merle is now dead therefore he can’t cut off Rick’s hand. Also, I guess the Woodbury gang is now officially the prison gang.
  • Blog follower ryanzawo has an interesting idea that involves Glen secretly speaking to the Tyreese crew and sending them in as spies to Woodbury. How AWESOME would that be?!
  • Blog follower Ryan Brennan has come up with the awesome idea that perhaps Rick (or all the characters) are in purgatory
  • Recurring zombie man – what’s going on with that? Is it an easter egg?

Carol Isn’t Dead

Carol (Melissa McBride) in AMC's The Walking Dead

  • She’s the voice on the end of the phone
  • She’s hidden somewhere in the prison √
  • She is dead and just not found yet
  • She’s a zombie
  • WetPaint have mentioned a spoiler that has Daryl (Norman Reedus) searching the prison for Carol and finds a zombie with a fresh knife wound. Assuming it’s Carol, he panics because she now no longer has a weapon. He eventually finds Carol but she is near death/almost powerless √
  • Carol is alive and her and Daryl will hook up (Source: blog reader anabbloggin)

Lori Isn’t Dead

Lori ( Sarah Wayne Callies) on AMC's The Walking Dead

  • She didn’t get eaten by the zombie (after all, didn’t the blood trail lead AWAY from the zombie?)
  • She is a zombie (Really, did we SEE Carl (Chandler Riggs) shoot his mum? Or did he shoot while not looking and didn’t check for the head shot before leaving) – Carl said to Daryl that he shot his mum in the head – this is still inconclusive as far as I’m concerned!
  • Carol found Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and patched her up before she died (hence the reason for her operating practise on zombies AND the blood trail)  – STILL can’t see the point for Carol learning how to operate on a zombie! Unless it was just to show that there was someone OUTSIDE the prison looking in?
  • Did Rick (Andrew Lincoln) pick up a tooth? Didn’t Michonne (Danai Guriri) say by removing the teeth, zombies become more docile? Just putting it out there… – it turned out to be a bullet that Rick picked up.
  • There is still some belief that Lori is still alive – especially after Robert Kirkman said that Lori WASN’T a ghost in Episode 10 of The Walking Dead. He also went so far to say that possibly Carl wasn’t a very good shot. Although this could just merely be the creator of the comics messing with our heads! (Source: Episode 10, Talking Dead, AMC)
  • Lori is Rick’s moral compass

The Governor

The Governor (David Morrissey) in AMC's The Walking Dead

  • This guy is a fruit loop – anything is possible! So hit me up with your ideas everyone 😀
  • He’s keeping more than his zombie daughter, his wife is floating around too
  • Each of those zombie-head fishes belong to someone he knows (or personal conquests of his)
  • He kills Andrea (Source: Nicole Antonia Carson) √ – Well he mortally wounds Milton, who in turn bites Andrea, so ‘technically’ it’s true…
  • The Governor was bitten during his zombie attack in Episode 13, Prey (Thanks to Tracy Gollins for this theory)
  • The Governor will abduct Michonne directly after the Season 3 finale. The prison crew will notice in the first episode of Season 4.  The Governor will now torture her at Woodbury.

The Person/People Watching the Prison

The Prison in AMC's The Walking Dead

  • The Governor’s (David Morrissey) crew
  • Andrew (Markice Moore) (the inmate Rick locked out with the zombies). He found a weak point in the wire and escaped. Since then he kept watching the prison, looking for a way to get back in and stir up trouble. √

Who’s on the Phone?

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) Answers the Phone in AMC's The Walking Dead

  • Carol – she’s stuck in another part of the prison, trapped in by zombies and she’s that desperate she tried calling out
  • Lori – Rick is crazy √
  • Amy (Emma Bell) and/or Jim (Andrew Rothenberg) – there is a theory that Rick gets 3 calls, the first from Amy (Andrea’s (Laurie Holden) deceased sister), the second from Jim (who died in Season 1) and the final call from Lori – once again, Rick is koo-koo-la-la (Source: Wetpaint) √
  • The Governor is messing with Rick’s head
  • Morgan (Lennie James) – remember walkie-talkie guy? That’s Morgan. Maybe Rick is still trying to contact him and has mentioned the name of the prison.
  • Warden of the prison, holed up with a group of security guards (Source:  blog reader Gypsy)
  • State Capitol looking for survivors in their state departments (Source: blog reader Gypsy)

Zombie Fight Club

Merle (Michael Rooker) in AMC's The Walking Dead

  • This is apparently a crucial plot bunny according to Michael Rooker (Merle). Once again, this source is credited to WetPaint. Can’t work out WHY it would be a big plot point though – any ideas?
  • Was Merle hinting at the upcoming mid-season finale when making reference to the above statement?
  • The glory of Merle winning Zombie Fight Club will go to his head and he will try to take over Woodbury (Source: blog reader Gypsy) Merle died in Episode 15 of Season 3, he is now incapable of taking over Woodbury.

How Merl Dies

  • Merle (played by Michael Rooker) in AMC's The Walking DeadMichonne kills him (Source: Tracy Gollins)
  • Daryl kills him (How AWESOME would this be?!)√ (Turns out to be not as awesome as I thought)
  • Andrea kills him
  • The Governor kills him

Please let me know if you would like to add to the list!

Sources: – Major Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers: What Happens to Carol, Rick, Michonne, Governor on Episode 6, “Hounded”?

Episode 10 – Talking Dead, AMC

(Photo Credits: AMC)


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37 Responses to The Walking Dead Storylines – Conspiracy Theories or Plot Bunnies?

  1. Gypsy says:

    I’m with the contingent supporting Carol isn’t dead. All Daryl found was her head scarf. And we all know from countless movies, if there isn’t a body, a character isn’t dead. I figure she’s hiding around there somewhere and they need to do a better search for her. Maybe she found more surviving prisoners or something. Is she the voice on the end of the phone? I doubt it. The voice on the end of the phone… Could be Lennie James. I keep hoping he’ll come back in since I liked him so much in Jericho. My personal bet is that it might be the warden of the prison, holed up in the very top of the place with a group of security guards and staff. I very much doubt Amy is coming back in. She turned zombie and they killed her. End of story. Or maybe the state capitol trying to see if there are survivors at their state departments. (That scene reminds me more than a little of a Ray Bradbury short story where a man who thinks he’s alone in a devastated world hears a phone ringing and picks it up and finds a woman on the other end, meets her and then finds he can’t stand her. For that matter, the heads in the jars at the Governor’s place Mom said was out of Heart of Darkness). Lori … I have my doubts on Carl shooting her since it didn’t actually show it. He could have just fired into a wall. I couldn’t really tell if that was the actual bullet Rick picked up or just the shell casing. But it really turned my stomach with the idea that the zombie ate her completely and makes me not really want to dwell on it. I personally, don’t think it’s the Fight Club itself that’s the big thing, but the implications around it. Andrea’s going to be looking at the town in a whole new light since it makes them look barbaric like the romans throwing Christians to the lions. On the other hand, she might decide she likes it and her character would totally turn. Or Merle becoming champion of the Fight Club will completely go to his head and he’ll try to take over the town.

  2. mrszoomby says:

    Oh Gypsy, you have some amazing ideas here! I will add them to the list (if you don’t mind? Because this is a list of all the theories I’ve heard as well as my own interpretations). As for Lennie James, his character does make a reappearance in the comics, so it is definitely a possibility he returns for the TV series. There is this article on that possibility:
    It doesn’t say yay or nay though 😦

  3. anabbloggin says:

    I think the voice on the phone is simply Rick’s mind. He’s in a state of shock and his mind is giving him what he wants most: his wife.

    I do hope Carol is still alive, and would be seriously disappointed if she wasn’t. To me she is just that type of character that really deserves a break (Daryll romance), not only because of what happened to her in the past, but also because of how she has grown. I think she had to lock herself in a cell, or as Gypsy said, found more survivors.

  4. mrszoomby says:

    I too am hoping Carol is alive, the budding romance with Daryl is just lovely, and I would like to see her cut a break too 🙂

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  9. ryanzawo says:

    glen sent tyrese and his crew to the governor and they will help our friends win the war.

  10. mrszoomby says:

    Oh, that’s a good one ryanzawo! Any reason for thinking this? I will add your idea to this page now 🙂

  11. Ryan Brennan says:

    Just Rick or everyone is in purgatory.

  12. mrszoomby says:

    Oh Ryan, that’s a great concept too. I’m adding this one as well 😀

    Keep the ideas coming everyone!

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  15. Hey first time reading all the different theories, they are all pretty bad ass I must say, but my gut theory is Lori is warning Rick to watch the baby and not be such a leader. This should foreshadowing the soon to be death of lil’ ass kicker done by the hand of the Governor since he lost his daughter.

  16. mrszoomby says:

    You’re referring to the comic books, yeah? I think that’s a fair assumption to make 😀

  17. Oh no, I haven’t read any of the comic’s. Is that what happens in the graphic novel? I just learned, literally 2 weeks ago, that this was a graphic novel. Shit now I’m kinda pissed I thought it would be my own original idea, damn :’ (

  18. mrszoomby says:

    Oh crap…yeah…spoiler alert :-/ The comics are great. Some of the characters are completely different to the series, but still great. The only downside to the comic books is the absence of the Dixon brothers 😦

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  23. Alex Slaven says:

    need a conspiracy theory about andrea

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  28. cristie says:

    Does anyone other than me see the implication that after Merle Dixon turned ZOMBIE, there was a hint of recognition for his brother Daryl.when he seen him he left what he was setting and came to Daryl, but never tried to bite,or ever open his mouth at all. It seemed different than any others. .

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  30. Melissa says:

    Incredibly late here but did you ever work out why Carol was “operating” on the zombie? It was because Hershel was down and being as he was supposed to help deliver the baby, Carol was practicing in case she had to step in should Lori go into labor while he was incapacitated.

    • mrszoomby says:

      Hi Melissa. I think it was two fold. Firstly for the reason you said, someone needed to be able to do it. And, secondly, to show that there was someone (the prisoner they exhiled) watching. 🙂

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