It’s True Blood Time!

So I am a Trubie through and through. I have the blood spattered t shirt a la Sookie in episode 2 of Season 1 to prove it! Which means that as I write this, I am doing so with trembling fingers and a blood pulse that could quite frankly be dangerous. When blog goes live, True Blood will be screening in the States: Season 4, Episode 1. Unfortunately, being here in Australia, I will have to wait quite a bit longer to view this episode. Or watch it illegally and then suffer the guilt of robbing HBO and the actors of their royalties.

But, for a True Blood inspired blog, I thought I would bring up the subject of vampires. Being a writer for True Blood Net, I have had a while to ponder this very matter, and in particular, why True Blood works so well. Is it because of the current infatuation with all things fang related? Or is it the fact that most things HBO touches turns to gold? It’s probably a bit of both. But I think it has more has to do with the fact that True Blood is glorfied porn. Blood-spattered vampire porn, to be exact. So many of my friends what this show in secret. They never bring the topic up unless someone else mentions the show first. It’s all a bit naughty – even for grown ups. It’s completely childish of us, watching it in the dark and behind closed doors. Possibly with a bottle of wine and a whip (or is that just me…) However, that is the one thing that seems to make us love the show even more than the books by Charlaine Harris that the show was based on.

As an author of a book that contains vampires (but not hotties of the Eric Northman persuasion) and *hopefully* enough gore to make HBO and Alan Ball proud, I would like to think that, as adults, we are more mature that that.

But I don’t think so ;-P

Happy True Blood Day Fangers! V””V


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5 Responses to It’s True Blood Time!

  1. Aw – I love Sookie. Very nice!

  2. *laughs* I watch the show with my mother. ❤

  3. Wow! Does that make it awkward?

  4. Great article Rachel! 🙂 I've only just seen the little teaser episode for TB so far (being in the UK) but I do love their take on fairies lol.My favourite moment in the series so far is when Sookie found out she was a fairy lol – It maybe porn, but hey so was Bram Stoker's Dracula to the Victorians :p – it's still a classic TV show ^^

  5. Thanks Claire. Not saying there's anything wrong with porn, I just find it funny that everyone needs to hide it. Over here (in Australia) on Friday nights on SBS (foregn/alternative channel) there is always a documentary shown that is, once again, glorified porn. No one owns up to watching it, but everyone knows what was on…

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