Cold Snap

Last Saturday it was 32 degrees! Ever since then it has been cold enough to have to turn the heater on of an evening. Ditto the electric blanket.

Of course this is typical, you see on the weekend I planted out all my Curcurbitae seedlings. So now for the entire week I have been torn between rushing out of a morning to check on my precious little babies and desperately hiding away and hoping that by not looking at them they won’t die.

Every year this seems to happen. The last frost passes and I get the urge to plant, and then a cold snap hits. So far, I haven’t lost anything, but I’m not entirely convinced that they will all survive if the cold weather lasts much longer.

Today I am looking out at sunshine (even though I still had the heater on until 10.00am this morning), I feel bad to be smiling at the heat, because in all this cold weather, we actually had very little rain. The ground is so dry out there that even with the overcast skies and the morning dews, I was still watering seedlings that were sagging in the parched ground.

{sigh} I guess it’s only human nature that we are never happy with what we have…

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