True Love!

I know now that there is no one else for me – not after my hubby spoilt me rotten. Most women prefer diamonds or flowers. Me, well I prefer what my husband came home with on the weekend – a basket full of vegetable seedlings! I had been busy planting seedlings I had raised from seed so that I could fill the seed trays with even more seeds. Right at the moment when I decided that it would be nice to be planting out tomato plants that were bigger than an inch tall, in walks my hubby with two flowering Black Russian and one Beefsteak tomato. He also bought me two more Hokawase strawberry plants and a small Habenaro chilli. Heaven!

Besides planting vegetables, I have also been weeding my herb patch. It has been the best year ever for Borage and as a result, I have had to clear the entire herb garden of its wonderful blue flowers. Now I have room to plant out all the spices I have attempted to grow after raiding my spice jars in the kitchen. My SIL was amazed the other day when I handed her kids a bag full of kidney beans. She thought you could only eat the ones you bought from the supermarket. But using seed purchased from the supermarket is often an excellent way to obtain cheap seed. Mustard can be grown from the seed from the shops, so can lentils and caraway and lima beans. In fact, after raiding hte spice rack, I am attempting to grow: Cumin, Green Pepper, Fenugreek (this is sprouting after only two days), Cardamon, Fennel, Caraway, Poppy, Coriander and Nigella.


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4 Responses to True Love!

  1. Morning Garden Nut,I wish you very well in your endeavour to plant out spices. I live in Bayside Melb. and had no idea you could be succcessful with these.I’m not a diamond girl either and was so excited when DH bought home a dozen free range eggs from a chap at his office. The deal is they get a lovely cake for morning tea on monday in return for the eggs. I do love a bit of bartering.Cheers

  2. Garden Nut says:

    **Lol! I have no idea whether you can grow most of these spices either 😀 It’ll be fun trying though.

  3. gray says:

    wow – that’s a something I didn’t think of. I’ll have to come to find out how they all went! I had heard some of the seeds you get in food are irradiated to destroy their fertility.I tried to grow some dried (raisin) chilli seeds from foodstuff imported from South America but nothing… which made me wonder if the story was true.

  4. Garden Nut says:

    The truth is that some seeds will grow – and some won’t. I certainly believe that some seed companies alter their seeds so that they cannot be regrown. But I am more than happy to give them all a try. So far, out of my spices I have Coriander, Nigella, Poppy, Fenugreek and Cardamon sprouting 🙂

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