And so Begins the Great Woodfire Oven Experiment…

My hubby has finally decided to build an outside, woodfired oven. This has been on the cards for a couple of years now. A pile of discarded bricks triggered it all off. As result, oven building has moved from the bottom of the ‘Must Do’ list to the very top. I’m very excited, but a little concerned also. My hubby, you see is of Greek heritage – therefore this oven is looking less like a backyard novelty and more like the Taj Mahal of oven creations. Once he has finished, it is most likely that the neighbourhood can give up on bland dial-a-pizzas. Needless to say, the local Baker’s Delight will also go out of business thanks to the size of our oven.

But of course, now that the sand and gravel has been collected and the concrete making tools borrowed, Winter has decided it is the perfect time to arrive. Snow arrived today – not in our backyard, but close enough to us to create a bitter cold we have not seen yet this year. It was too cold and wet to even knick outside to take a photo of the two piles that will eventually become the slab of concrete on which our oven will sit.

{sigh} Maybe tomorrow it will be dry enough…


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When I'm not writing or crocheting, I'm training for the zombie apocalypse.
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