March 2008

1st March

I planted a whole heap of Dill seedlings along the garden path. Nothing seems to grow there except for couch grass. Maybe this will work?

8th March

I pulled out all the Strawberry plants and replanted them at the base of the pea teepee next to the kids vegie patch.
I also weeded along the new chookwire fence and put in stakes which I covered with netting. Hopefully (fingers crossed) this will protect the plants from the chooks {shrugs}

Autumn is definately here – the leaves are starting to turn. {sigh} And so begins my favourite part of the year.

13th March

Here are some wonderful links I have found while on my travels in regards to ethical eating:

* – vegetarian starter kits are available here
* – Rare Breeds Meat Suppliers
* or – Fairtrade
* and – Local farmers and Australian Community Foods
* – Macro Whole Foods Shops
* and – Organic and/or ecologically friendly foods
* – Self service wholefood stores – buy in bulk and reduce packaging
* – The sustainable fish finder
* – Chipote

15th March

Well the new fence along the chicken coop was a flop (literally). A tall tomato stake has fixed the problem. I planted a whole bunch of Sweet Pea and Broad Bean seeds in front of it. Hopefully it will soon cover the floppy ugly fence. I also planted some more seeds into poly boxes, including some Caraway seeds I had bought in the Spice section of Coles. I wonder if they will germinate? A packet of Greenfeast Peas were also planted directly into the garden, along with a packet of Brown onions.

16th March

Today I found and old and rather dry Avocado pip in the chicken coop. I couldn’t help myself – I planted it into the bottom poly box. Wonder if it will grow? My yard is littered with that question. I am forever finding things sprouting and wondering how the hell they got there – and what the bloody hell they are. LOL

17th March

More weeding today. At least the chooks enjoy them 🙂 I planted the Silvanberry cane into the kids vegie patch. MMMmmmm….silvanberries. I can’t WAIT until Summer…
I also sprinkled an entire packet of Turnip seeds and another or Peas into the kids garden. I think that may be over kill…

22nd March

Picked most of the butternuts today, along with one large squash. They look so pretty lined up next to the stairs.

24th March

I collected seed today. It’s amazing how much seed you can get just from two heads of sunflowers! There are plenty of leek seeds now too. Not that I really need them, I prefer to cut the leeks at the base rather than pulling up the entire plant. Then little leek bulbets grow around the base left in the ground. I really am a lazy gardener!


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