Daryl Dixon’s Crossbow vs. A Real Crossbow User

Daryl Dixon's (Norman Reedus) crossbow in AMC's The Walking Dead

Now I LOVE The Walking Dead – you all know that.

My husband doesn’t – he HATES the show. And there is only one reason for that:

Daryl Dixon’s Crossbow.

While we all think it’s cool to be shooting bolts into zombie heads, whipping them out, reloading, and firing again, my husband sees nothing but technical errors.

Yep, he is a real crossbow user. He even uses the same brand Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) does: a Horton. And that, apparently, is where the similarities end.

So, here I am, attempting to set a few things straight…

The crossbow Daryl Dixon uses in The Walking Dead:

Horton Scout HD 125 Red Dot Package

I hate to break it to you folks, this is an entry level children’s crossbow. Although it does have some advantages (and this is apparently the reason AMC picked this particular Horton model):

  • LightweightThe Horton Scout is Daryl Dixon's (Norman Reedus) crossbow of choice during the zombie apocalypse
  • Small
  • Great at close range

The full specifics of the Horton Scout can be found here. But if you are looking for a really great crossbow, my husband would suggest the Horton Hunter Express SL. At least this one can shoot from a long distance. It also is relatively light weight (only a pound heavier) and compact (an inch or so bigger) when moving through the bush. My husband found this out the hard way when he got lost in thick scrub. Not only was he able to travel with his crossbow for hours without it getting too heavy to carry, but it rarely got caught on things. (Something to think about AMC if you want to upgrade Daryl’s crossbow to a grown-up model.)

There is also the advantage of being able to bring down larger animals with this model. The inherent problem with the Horton Scout is the very reason it was picked as Daryl’s crossbow: it’s size. The Scout really is only good for squirrels.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) shoots a squirrel in AMC's The Walking Dead

Squirrel – the new white meat of the zombie apocalypse

Shooting from a distance:

The Horton Scout is great when shooting zombies at close range. However, for every step back you take from your target there is a loss in velocity when firing. This is not such an issue with bigger, heavier crossbows, but with Daryl’s kiddie-bow, the likelihood of fatally wounding an animal or zombie from a long distance becomes fairly slim.

Which brings me to another bug bear…

Head shots with a light weight crossbow:

Head shots by Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in AMC's The Walking DeadThese are the ones fans love the most! Nothing like seeing that bolt (yeah, they’re called bolts, not arrows) pierce a zombie’s skull and protrude from the other side. Now, while technically, this isn’t possible with a Horton Scout, in The Walking Dead’s version of the zombie apocalypse, it just may work.

Take episode 15 of Season 3, entitled This Sorrowful Life, for example. We find Michonne (Danai Gurira) strapped to a post with a zombie attacking her. What does she do? Knock that bugger down and stomp it’s head in with her foot. In the real world, the bone density in the human skull is a bit tougher than this. While a strong person may get lucky and crush a skull, it’s highly unlikely that it would squelch in quite the same manner as it did under Michonne’s foot. Another fine example is the effect of Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo) and a baseball bat on the head of a zombie in Episode 13 of Season 3, Arrow on the Doorstep. So we need to assume that the zombies in The Walking Dead have a softer bone density than a living human.

Martinez uses a baseball bat creatively in AMC's The Walking DeadIf this is the case, then yes, a Horton Scout would very likely pierce a zombie skull with enough force to exit out the other side of the head. In the real world, however, a Horton Scout has enough force to penetrate (from a short distance), but certainly not to protrude from the other side.

This leads me to the next item on the agenda…

Get some decent bolts Daryl:

Remember in Episode 5 of Season 2 (and there will be more on this incident later), when Daryl shot himself? He was VERY lucky he was using target tips then. These tips are designed to be shot (during practise) at a padded target. The tip is rounded to allow penetration, but there are no other attachments to create complications when pulling the bolt from the target.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) shoots himself with a bolt in AMC's The Walking DeadIf he was using any other kind of tip, not only would he have caused himself more damage internally, but it would have been EXTREMELY hard to pull some of those tips out. You see, some of them are designed to get stuck in an animal – and stay stuck. In the real world, Daryl would be using anything BUT a target tip and most likely would have been up shit creek without a paddle after shooting himself. It’s highly unlikely for most crossbow users to use target tips when hunting animals as, once again, the penetration with these tips are not optimal.

*On a side note though, my husband is very impressed that AMC have given Daryl Dixon genuine Horton bolts made in the US rather than the newer ones that are made en mass in China*

The limp-limbs-when-loaded dilemma:

When Daryl is pointing his loaded crossbow at something, what you are looking at, realistically, is a partially cocked crossbow. While the string is pulled back and the bow can be shot when needed, this is not actually what a crossbow looks like in real life when it’s being all deadly. When loading a crossbow, one must pull the string right back and cock it correctly. This will result in a mushroom-like appearance rather than the more T-shaped crossbow we see Daryl Dixon hold (see the image below). Then, when the bolt is fired, it will shoot forward with enough strength to kill your target while taking it back to it’s resting shape: the T-shape we recognise on The Walking Dead as Daryl’s cocked crossbow. This drives my husband wild.

AMC have a very good reason for this though.

The limp-limbed crossbow dilemma in AMC's The Walking Dead

The limp-limbed crossbow dilemma in AMC’s The Walking Dead

If Daryl’s crossbow was properly loaded and it accidentally went off, someone would be dead. For real. So, to keep the Occ. Health & Safety reps happy, the crossbow has these limp limbs. And this is what happens when Norman Reedus shoots his crossbow:

The problem with the crossbow though is you can’t fire an arrow on camera – it’s a digital arrow. On set, there’s sort of a dummy crossbow with loose tension and it only shoots about five feet. It looks like the arrow’s flying out but it literally just goes like this far [casts his hand a short distance]. ~Norman Reedus

So yeah, while it’s technically incorrect, it’s probably a good thing!

Correct thumb placement:

Now, as I was getting my husband to proofread this, another error has come to our attention. Take a look at Daryl’s thumb placement in the above image (entitled: The limp-limbed crossbow dilemma in AMC’s The Walking Dead). Someone needs to let him know that if he shot his crossbow now, he would, quite literally, tear his own thumb off!

Season 2, Episode 5: Chupacabra

Daryl Dixon Meme for Season 2, Episode 5 in AMC's The Walking Dead

You know the one. Poor Daryl is out hunting for Sophia (Madison Lintz) and his horse spooks. This causes him to roll down an embankment, shoot himself in his side with his crossbow and land in a creek. Later in this episode, he pulls the bolt free.

What is wrong about this scenario:

  • It is virtually impossible to roll down a hill with a crossbow on your back. While you may somersault once, the flat surface of the bow will stop you. Alternatively, the front end will lodge in the ground. Sliding the entire distance down the hill (rather than just the rocky bit) would have been a more realistic option AMC.
  • So Daryl then looses his crossbow which slides down ahead before turning on him and shooting him. Who shot the crossbow? It must have been a perfectly placed tree branch or oddly shaped rock that reached in and shot it for him…Maybe another idea for the conspiracy theories page?
  • A bolt is not that securely attached to the crossbow. One upturn and that bolt would fall right out. Even if a branch managed to get in and release the trigger, there would be no bolt left there to fire.
  • So, after all this, Daryl gets shot with his own crossbow. The bow is facing towards him when it fires. Daryl is facing his crossbow as he slides. Yet the bolt enters via his back. Whoops!
  • A lesson on how to pull out a bolt: Daryl Dixon uses practise tips on his bolts. This means that there is nothing attached to the end of the bolt that would catch in the flesh when pulling against the entry point. Pulling the bolt through his body would have caused more injury with the fletches (the feathery things at the end) than pushing the bolt back through the entry point.
Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) accidentally shoots himself in AMC's The Walking Dead

I just thought it was a stitch…

Now for my personal bug bear:

Is it a squirrel or a zombie? Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) takes aim in AMC's The Walking Dead

Is it a squirrel or a zombie? Brings a whole new meaning to Potluck Pie…

Daryl shoots both animals (for food) and zombies with his crossbow. While I can understand he cleans his bolts (although, hopefully more thoroughly than just wiping them on his pants), would he also clean his crossbow every single time he goes to hunt for food to prevent cross-contamination? Even if he used different bolts for food and zombies, there would still be some sort of nasty germ-swapping going on.

Would you really want to eat food that has been caught with the same weapon that killed zombies?

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(Photo Credits: AMC/DIYLol.com)

About mrszoomby

Rachel Tsoumbakos is a stay home mother of two whose passions are writing, reading and organic gardening. She lives with her husband, two kids, three cats and seven chickens in suburban Melbourne, Australia. While she has had several articles published through mainstream magazines, she has also written extensively for Suite 101 and True Blood Net. Emeline and the Mutants is her first published novel and available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/EATMUP. A new novel, The Ring of Lost Souls, set in an abandoned mental institute on the outskirts of Melbourne, is her second novel and also available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/TROLSRT. Her current WIP is entitled Unremembered Things and is the first in her edgy Wood Nymphs trilogy.
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335 Responses to Daryl Dixon’s Crossbow vs. A Real Crossbow User

  1. Zombie Lover says:

    I just have one thing to say and it is IT’S JUST A SHOW clam down

  2. Zombie Lover says:

    Why you tripping over this cross bow thing

  3. Andrew says:

    Ok first of all your wrong the most you need to take down a deer is 50lbs and secondly a field point would be adequate for shooting ( zombies) or people the only reason broad heads are used in to increase the chances of killing your target faster by cutting it more to bleed it out quicker.

  4. Nelson McMillen says:

    It’s because it’s a TV show. Norman’s crossbow is like that because its easier to use on set and it’s safer and things like that. On The Walking Dead, half of the time they are using rubber guns and knifes with no blade so the actors/actresses don’t get hurt. He only has a tiny crossbow because it’s a TV show. If it were real life, he’d be using a real adult crossbow.

  5. Marc says:

    Rubber guns and knives? I don’t think so mate.
    Clam down now.

    • Sazz says:

      They do in fact use rubber implements in place of real ones to safeguard the actors – remember the episode when Daryl nearly gets cornered by a number of Walkers in the funeral home or whatever it was? He stabs some in the head with a large syringe type item? Mr Reedus was given a rubber one for the actual filming of the sequences – if you watch the Talking Dead show they cover how some of this stuff is done, and there are bonus features on the DVDs too. They also sometimes film fight sequences with no blades in the weapons e.g. Michonne’s sword, and the blades are then digitally added back in, again to safeguard the actors and stunt people :) I love the show, and find the making of it really interesting.

  6. Donald Scott says:

    Field points would be the only option. Unless you have an infinate supply of bolts. Try quickly yanking a broadhead out of someone’s skull while on the run. Not gonna happen. Plus, who wants to go chasing after bolts that have shot straight through ending up who knows where?
    I’m so tired of people discounting smaller weapons. My compound bow of choice is the PSE Stinger 3G. It is considered a “youth/women’s” model based on size alone and i have caught a lot of guff about using it. However, set at 70 lbs it is every bit as deadly (and much quieter/compact) than many of the more expensive “adult” bows that are used by my collegues.

    • mrszoomby says:

      I completely agree about the bolts Donald. My husband has also come around in this regard :-) Realky good point in regards to the smaller weapon also!

      • Bill Bixsby says:

        Just another point, Daryl was mostly using his crossbow for hunting squirrels and other small game. Ever shoot a broadhead into a tree? Unless you are part lumberjack or beaver, you aren’t going to get that out.

      • mrszoomby says:

        Haha! Good point Bill!

    • Ric says:

      Totally agree Donald. In the real world, I bet many of people who understand the concepts of bow hunting or recreational shooting will understand. I know many archers who shoot for our National Team who prefer the “youth/women’s” Razor and are very accurate… I’ve seen a bolt shatter when a target is missed from 20 meters after being fired from a crossbow. I’ve lost many bolts either stuck in a tree or simply shot to who knows where in the bush.

    • You got that right! I shoot a Diamond Razor Edge, they categorize it as the same… Youth/Women’s compound bow. The problem is I can shoot a 300lb bear with the thing and it will drop the animal just as fast as any other bigger bow. I know this for a fact, its simple marketing bull crap and just shoot what you love forget what they label it. I know my bow will kill anything I shoot as long as I hit it properly.

  7. Marc says:

    The trouble is that there’s never enough Walkers around when you need the practice :)

  8. Garrett says:

    he doesnt shoot himself in the episode chupicabra the arrow is in the quiver and comes loose that how it got stuck in him

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  10. Levi says:

    Sounds like you have an insecure, jealous husband to me.

  11. Ttownzzz says:

    This is not regarding your blog post but I want to say how much I love your responses to some of these comments. You sound like a sweet lady. After reading this a few months back when I see a rude uncalled for response I think of how you handled with such grace. Anyway just wanted to come back here and let you know that someone noticed.

  12. Samick9581 says:

    I would like to see more actual traditional or compound bow use. The one and only episode where there was a bow, the girl claimed to have gone to tournaments with her father and couldnt hit a zombie shambling at snail speed. I’m a bowhunter and practice often at home. I know unless I was Legolas in my back yard, I wouldnt be entering any tournaments. Seems like AMC just wanted to make bows look bad. The drawback with zombies would be the lack of ammo and having to retrieve what you could.. but I would also carry a sword for good measure. =)

  13. Y says:

    In the Zombie Apocalyspe I would choose bad ass good ol’ boy Daryl Dixon on my team over your guy.

  14. andy says:

    zombie heads are soft from rot and the virus everybody knows

  15. no says:

    I don’t understand how he couldn’t like walking dead. over some nit picks? it seems rather foolish but whatever.

  16. Calista says:

    While I appreciate the time invested in writing this article, I also think it’s not that serious. Who would seriously write off an entire show because of one character’s crossbow?

  17. marctom1 says:

    I’m beginning to find the comments section on this article more amusing than the original post.
    With certain exceptions lol.

  18. Dallas Wright says:

    I understand the feeling. I shoot bow and firearms. I see multiple things incorrect. Like how they grap any AR-15 and start shooting. You have to zero a weapon to you( set the sights). No wonder they miss alot…lol! But I truely love this show, so i let it go. But loved your article!

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  20. Thom says:

    I nit pick a lot too about stuff I have knowledge about had I known anything about crossbows I’ve would have caught it. Like your post a lot . Thanks

  21. Ric says:

    If you can’t just watch the show to enjoy it, don’t watch it. I hunt and so does my son… I use a PSE Full Throttle and my son has a Razor Diamond Edge. We understand the draw strength and velocity a bow/crossbow is capable of.
    We also noticed the “flaws” you tend to mention. However, Daryl was a loaner. Him and his brother did things on their own. The bow/crossbow of choice could very well be intentional since he had no intention of taking down anything bigger than barn owls or squirrels. At a distance of 15m any bolt or arrow is extremely difficult to remove from a solid mass. The “kiddy’s” crossbow could have been chosen to avoid him having to miss a target and shoot the bolt to kingdom come. Maybe to be able to remove it easier from the tree after scoring lunch? I am also a firearm fanatic. Although I often stare at the barrel of a .45 cal. some movies and you can see the bore is the size of a BB gun, I don’t allow that to ruin the movie for me. Sit back and quit nit picking. Don’t ruin it for others because you cant enjoy it.
    My comments are not aimed at the author, but at all who find fault with any form of the arts.

    • mrszoomby says:

      Thanks for your comments Ric :-) I tend to agree. I can totally watch the show (even after researching for this blog entry) and enjoy it for what it is. My hubby just goes and watches something else while this is on now ;-)

  22. Don says:

    as i understand it, crossbows take very long to reload. is this correct? how does daryl reload and shoot multiple bolts in such rapid succession? is this possible with some models of crossbows and not others?

  23. Justice says:

    It’s not a Horton though. It’s a Stryker Strykezone.

  24. Maya says:

    Just saying….Cross contamination doesn’t matter when you’re already infected.

  25. sgtdraino says:

    Hey mrszoomby, thanks for the article! I’d be interested if you would do an update to it with Daryl’s current crossbow, which is a Stryker Strykezone 380. It’s a “grownup” crossbow, but the reviews for it on Amazon are not very good. What does your husband think of this one?

  26. Bevin Chu says:

    I like what you said about the issue of sanitation.
    It’s just a TV show of course, so we don’t need to be too literal minded. But I have to admit that watching some of the characters use the same hunting or tactical knives to stab a zombie then to cut fruit really makes me cringe.
    Also, with all the zombie body fluids spattering all over the place, any cut or abrasion on one’s skin could mean “Game over!” Yet the characters don’t seem terribly concerned about it. I guess the show creators don’t want to make too much of what they consider a minor technical issue.
    Anyway, fun article.

  27. Mr Jessam says:

    From the UK so no guns and not many cross bows. Really enjoy the show and really enjoyed the article, it’s good to get a bit of background on the weapon of choice for particular characters, even when it tells some home truths. If you have ever seen Shaun of the Dead, you will realise that in the UK will will be fighting with cricket bats and vinyl records.

  28. john says:

    you do realize Daryls arrows are done on the computer right? he has said in many interviews that when he pulls the trigger the arrow falls to his feet and its animated.

  29. john says:

    im an idiot. i didn’t read the whole thing before i made my comment. please excuse my ignorance!

  30. Theres so many inconsistencies with TWD and the real world, like Daryls tiny little kit motorcycle that magically changes from off road to street tyres. Or Herschels infinite ammo shotgun, or Rick getting shot in the armpit and having his bandage around his midsection, Its a fun series we all watch and love that can be nitpicked for years if we so choose

  31. mike says:

    in the walking dead scenario, you’d want target tips, reason being removal of bolt (I know odds of being able to recover one are slim – actually a personal hate of mine from this show) but a target would pierce a skull well enough and it wouldn’t be a pain to remove like a broadhead. I mean tearing up a zombies flesh wont help too much.

    Also not sure what it’s like in the US, but target points are much more readily available in the UK anyhow, although I think that’s more to do with theoretical legal restrictions on them.

    But the point being assuming that he doesn’t have the magical indestructible bolts which seem to regenerate by themselves, then they’d probably be what he’d pick up. (Assuming that the likelihood of finding certain bolts still applies). And I’m also running on the assumption that if he did have broadheads, upon losing the bold he loses the tip.

    Although this vid is actually quite amusing when testing crossbows vs “skulls” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x22qp7-XoXY

    • mrszoomby says:

      Thanks for all the info Mike. I completely agree with you about the target tips. It just annoys my hubby that he uses them for hunting. And thanks for the video link!

  32. pbrown says:

    Please read this link, it tells why the writers use the cross bow they use.


    You DON’T want a broadhead because zombies don’t bleed (duh?). target tips are better for penetration. Also, whoever says a target tip won’t go through both sides of a skull at close range is just stupid, especially a skull that has experienced decomposition, loss of calcium and marrow. Skulls will break open if you drop them from high enough, a bolt will have no problem going threw and threw. Anyhow, read the link, it tells it all, makes sense to me.

  33. DragonOfTheDarkness says:

    I just have a couple things to say here.
    1: I have the same exact crossbow, horton scout hd 125, and it is a very good crossbow.
    2: It can, and will take down larger game fairly easily, even at good distances. (10pt buck at around 70 feet, one shot and he dropped after about 25-30 feet after.)
    3: I do make my own heads, and I prefer to use heads that resemble practice heads, except that they are solid, and sharpened to an icepick like point. I honestly have never used a practice head sadly. With that being said, I don’t know what the bone density of a human skull is per-say, but I do practice by shooting into a homemade plywood target. The target is 8 pieces of plywood sandwiched together, and from about 30-40 feet back I can pierce between 3 to 4 full pieces. Again I don’t know the density of the human skull, and I personally don’t think that it would fully pierce a skull to protrude out of the other side (like in the show), but I do think it could at close range realistically pierce into a skull, and more than likely bury into the other side of the skull wall, Possibly letting the tip “peek” out of the other side, slim but possible.
    4: I have used bigger, “better” crossbows before, but honestly don’t like to have to struggle with the draw weight, or the bulkiness of them. I always go back to my scout, and I personally believe it is a good choice for the show (small, fast reloading, light.) though I do think that sometimes he seems to move through hallways and doors much to easy with it being in the ready position (even the best of us tend to run into things lol)

  34. Simon Cucksey says:

    Great read, crossbows for killing zombies. Awesome. personally i prefere 3ds.:-)

  35. Matt says:

    Daryl didn’t shoot himself he fell on his arrow

  36. It is the Zombie Apocalypse after all, maybe the kid’s crossbow was the only one he could get his hands on at the time! Stop messing with our Daryl!

  37. jim says:

    Its a fictional show . I shoot 400fps xbows and still enjoy it . Sounds to me like you and your husband are pompous know it alls . Your article made me want to throw up in my mouth a little

  38. adam says:

    I hunt with fieldpoints all the time .they work better for anything smaller than a hog. If your husband was really a xbow hunter he would know that any modern hunting setup uses arrows not bolts . How about just enjoying the show for what it is and not picking it apart .

  39. Common sense man says:

    Ok let’s use some common sense even if it is a show I still see lots of accuracy with how they do things, first off Daryl uses a “kiddie cross bow” because if you haven’t noticed at all in the show he uses his hands to draw it, with a grown up version this would be very painfull on the hands… Next up zombies are rotting dieing flesh I pretty sure you could kill one with a stick let alone all the vast weapons they have out now which is over kill.. Also you mentioned the Daryl getting shot thing in that episode I never heard the bow go off which leds me to believe he fell on an arrow some how probably because it fell out of the bow like you also mentioned earlier, which then would lead me to think that’s probably why he put his thumb there to hold the bolt in. Not to mention lots of cross bows I have shot have a safety like a gun he probably uses it and if not then it’s his owe choice to put his thumb in the pinch zone….. So with all your thoughts on this I come to think your knowledge of shooting cross bows is very low or your common sense is…. Ugh

  40. David says:

    A low poundage crossbow actually makes an awful lot of sense in a zombie apocalypse. As does using field points (on zombies at least) as pulling broadheads out would either be next to impossible without damaging the bolt or fletching.
    You could cock a Horton scout with the stock pressed into your chest without much issue, doing that with a bow that has a higher draw weight than 150lb is going to be very difficult indeed, not to mention sore on the fingers and chest.
    They need to arm him with a crossbow with a proper hand-guard, even the cheap chinese bows come with a shotgun style foregrip with wings so you don’t shoot your fingers off. US bow manufacturers need to step up their game and aim for safety and practicality rather than aesthetics; stories of people shooting their thumbs off are far from uncommon and usually happen when the foregrip is chopped down to make the bow as light and compact as possible, which is pointless as crossbows are far from compact, foregrip or no foregrip.

  41. FATNlGGER says:

    First of all your husband is a bitch lmao. That “crossbow” that he claims is better is like a child’s crossbow. It doesn’t even have cams on both sides it has gay little pullies haha. Tell your husband to grow a pair of testicles and get a real compound bow coincidentally like Daryl’s new bow the Stryker 380. Which costs more than $50 like your husbands crossbow.

  42. Marc Thomas says:

    That told you Rachel! lol

    • mrszoomby says:

      LOL! It sure did :-)

      • FATNlGGERS says:

        But seriously nice article aside from the fact your husband has a vag. Tell him what a real bow looks like. Such as the tac 15 pse series. Oh and if I were you I would make sure your husbands name wasn’t previously a female name (if you know what i mean) Gay wad.

  43. Gage frers says:

    First off, Daryl uses 2 different crossbows throughout the filming. He stops using the scout after season 2, yet you keep showing pictures of the new one while describing the scout. Secondly, he would be using practice tips so he could pull them out of the walkers. Third of all, it doesn’t ever say that he was shot. My personal theory is that he simply fell on his bolt. Also you say that he should have pulled the bolt out the other way, but he was obviously delirious and would not have thought clearly about this. You say that he should thoroughly clean his crossbow before hunting, but as we learn in the season 2 finally they are all infected, so eating off the same bolt would not hurt anyone.

    • mrszoomby says:

      Totally awesome point about them all being infected – hadn’t thought about from that point of view! And yes, my hubby has come to agree that target tips would be the best idea if you need to retrieve in a hurry. As for the scout vs. the Stryker photos, I realise the difference but was using photos purely for beautification ;-) Except for the one which was used as an example of thumb placement. That was picked up later by my husband and that was the episode he saw it in. :-)

  44. Hackalift says:

    You can easily kill zombie/human without a tip. It might even be easier to recover it.
    Here is a video example of the Daryl’s crossbow in action (well his new crossbow Stryker 380)

  45. Tristan Crowder says:

    Norman Reedus actually uses a cross bow in real life and is as good as Daryl (the guy he plays on TWD) I’ve seen him shoot a target and hit it dead on

  46. Grimm says:

    Can I just say how awesome it is for all this discussion to even come about? it kinda harkens back to the days of the infancy of the internet, watching people first start boards for the x-files. one thing has always remained the same, and that is that its normally only the real fans of the show that do the nitpicking. the passion of the discussion (not an argument) shows how into the show everyone is. and rachel, i’m right there with you. my wife is an Olympic qualified archer – watching the hunger games was a cringe-fest for her! every ten seconds, “no! that wouldnt never hit the target!” does this mean she doesnt love the move? absolutely not! so, rachel, keep up the good work!

    • mrszoomby says:

      Thanks so much for your kind comments Grimm! I completely agree :-) On a side note, I am about to purchase a recurve bow, so, after the comments about your wife and The Hunger Games, I am a little scared! LOL

  47. Isaac mc says:

    Ok first off I’m not trying to be rude but are you kidding me most of your so called “points” are so stupid I know the scout maybe considered a children’s starting bow but it still has 125lbs draw weight……..another thing you say it wouldn’t go through a human scull that’s BS cuz 125lbs is more then enough to penetrate a skull and when daryl fell his bow didn’t shoot him he simply landed on the bolt……oh and you say that the Horton scout is only good for hunting “squirrels” seriously? You do know that people hunt bull elk with 50 pound compound bows…..right?…….and you say that 125lbs isn’t enough.really? Wow you don’t know near as much about this stuff as you try to say in the post.

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